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Youth Exercise Program YEP!


Young Exercisers Program

It has become some of the most devastating information that the American parent has to deal with in the 21st century; the children of the United States of America are the most obese in the world. This fact threatens our way of life by lowering the life expectancy rate, increasing the rate of diabetes, and producing a lazy and gluttonous future for our children.

Keeping our children at a healthy weight in America can prove very difficult. With surges in video games, computer and internet technology, our children are spending less time outside exercising naturally. Poor food choices, deteriorating food sources, and the FDA constantly lowering its standards limit the nutritional choices of parents and community leaders. Even social exercise and nutritional norms in America and a continuously changing exercise and nutrition educational environment make it difficult to know how to provide our children with the healthy and active care that they need and that their bodies desire.

The HordoN HEALTH Young Exercisers Program (HHYEP) combats the devastating health concern with America's youth with a system of programs designed to promote healthy weight, proper movement, and an overall active lifestyle with fun and hard work! HH YEP! also has seminars for both children and parents covering nutritional and exercise concerns of the 21st Century youngster.

HH YEP! comes to YOUR school, after school program, or Sports Program to provide the following services that are guaranteed to increase the quality of life in your children.

HH YEP! After School Program

HordoN HEALTH provides a youth-specialized lifestyle coach to run an after school exercise program that not only makes exercise fun and entertaining, but teaches proper movement patterns that can last a lifetime.

Available between 2-5pm weekdays.

Email or call (617) 367 - 0035 and ask about YEP!

HH YEP! Seminars:


HordoN HEALTH Youth Exercise & Active Habits Seminar


HordoN HEALTH Youths Eating Soundly Seminar

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