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Thomas Morris

best personal trainer in bostonThomas Morris

Elite Musculosystematic Engineer™


Pre/Post Natal, Rehabilitative Therapy, All-Sport

Head Coach, HordoN HEALTH - North End


(617) 367 - 0035

294 North Street

Boston, MA 02113


As the head coach of the HordoN HEALTH North End Location and Dean of the University of HordoN HEALTH, Thomas finds himself at the very top of the Musculosystematics Chain, giving way to ONLY the founder. His SEVEN year education in musculosystematic therapy has led to some of the most miraculous stories of recovery in the history of the entire organization. 

"It still surprises me. Thomas will call me in for a consult, and almost every time it turns out that he came to the same conclusion about treatment as did I. The information lives in my head, so it is quite intimidating to know how comfortable he has gotten up there... I am fairly certain he is a genius."

Marc Hordon, International Physical & Spiritual Guru, Founder of Musculosystematic Engineering

A lifelong avid athlete, Thomas has consistently searched for new and exciting ways to physically train himself and others. As a high school student in southern Maine, Thomas captained his Varsity football team as an all-academic and all-conference middle linebacker, often leading workouts utilizing training methods developed by the Army Rangers. While in high school, he fully developed as a skier and snowboarder, and headed to the mountains whenever possible, juggling two varsity sports (football and baseball), as well as acting in lead roles with the theatre department, maintaining a leadership role with a professional boy's choir, singing and soloing at his church, all along with his skiing addiction.


best personal trainer in bostonA man of renaissance, Thomas earned his bachelor’s degree in vocal performance (opera), with an education focus from Ithaca College in 2006. Thomas has toured extensively across the U.S. and internationally as the lead singer in bands, choirs, and professional a capella groups. Thomas has been featured as a frequent performer in off-Broadway musicals, professional Operas, traditional theatre, and staged concerts. Currently, Thomas is the lead singer and song-witer for Boston-based indie electronic band Colorgrave. As a professional vocalist, Thomas’ body is his instrument, and an invaluable tool.  These factors, along with his continued pursuit of all things sport, fueled his continued training regimen.


Thomas was becoming bored and hitting frequent plateaus with traditional Yoga, cardio exercise and weight training, which drove him to Crossfit. Crossfit provided him with challenge and continually changing programs. However, training in this manner at a high level for almost three years, he sustained multiple nagging injuries all the while becoming an elite Crossfit athlete. Then, in the early summer of 2010, Thomas’ path crossed with Hordon Health founder, Marc Hordon.


Upon meeting Thomas, Marc stated flatly, “You’re not going to believe what this training style and Massage will do with your body”. Truer words were never spoken. Within a couple of months, Thomas was working out with Marc regularly and noticed the results of what has evolved into Musculosystematic Engineering™ immediately, not only in his workouts and physical appearance, but in his overall quality of life. With a couple of NodroH sessions added into the mix, all of Thomas' nagging injuries disappeared, never to recur. Fired up by his new discovery, Thomas pursued his  certification immediately at a clinic hosted by Hordon Health in the fall, and completed his full shadowing and certifications at a torrid pace, training his own clients by February of 2011. In the late summer of 2011, Thomas completed his second international certification, and with his third international certification and one year anniversary with the organization has risen to the top of all trainers within Hordon Health's International Certifications. The speed of Thomas's very similarly mirrors owner of HordoN HEALTH,Marc Hordon's own rapid rise to international prominence among performance coaches.


best personal trainer in bostonThomas is proud to have joined the Hordon Health team and is thrilled to be heading up Hordon Health’s Boston Sports Institutes' Boston Institute of Snow (BIS), as President of Operations. BIS provides year-round, sport specific training dedicated to building dominant, injury free, mountain crushing skiers and snowboarders. Thomas’ easy-going nature belays an intensity and dedication that make him ideally suited to coach snow sport athletes.


When Hordon Health opened its new facility at 294 North St. in Boston’s Historic North End, he assumed the position of Chief Operations Officer. He leads a team of exercise and sport professionals unparalleled in quality anywhere in the country. Thomas loves coaching former athletes of all manner of sport and is also available to lead all levels of general clientele through their lifestyle journey.


Contact him at to set up an appointment, and get ready to unleash your inner snow sport athlete!