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MsE Pre-Engineering

For re-engineered and clients looking to prevent future injury, HordoN HEALTH's Pre-Engineering Therapy creates virtually indestructible humans based specifically on the criteria of physical lifestyle and activity level. Pre-Engineering designs the body to withstand injury by identifying and treating systematic weakness and replacing problematic movement patterning.

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Using musculosystematic™ movement patterning designed around unique human movement, client musculature is built to work in collusion, appropriately dispersing stress throughout complex muscular systems. This re-design removes stress from ligaments, tendons, and bone structure avoiding both repetition injury, such as tendinitis or bursitis as well as impact injury, a derivative of one singular, extreme injury such as those typically resulting in a bone break, dislocation or ligament tear. With MsE pre-engineering, the body initiates, absorbs and redirects energy of all kinds as one single unit, disallowing an overburden to a single muscle, small muscular system, bone, joint or fascia. Beginning with the strengthening of simple system movement patterning, pre-engineering progresses to combine those simple systems into complex systems, and inevitably builds highly efficient, healthy movement patterns.  


Our patients will always vary in activity level and lifestyle, thus movement pattern. If we acquire a patient who enjoys running, we reinforce the movement patterns that healthily and efficiently promote running. We repeat this process for those who sit and type, those who play serious sport, etc. 

We ultimately design and build the most efficient and healthy physical version of one's self.



Musculosystematic Re-Engineering Therapy™