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Pre-Natal & Post-Natal 

Highly Specialized

Musculosystematic Engineering™


There is no physical demand greater than that of the mother before, during, and after birth, and HordoN HEALTH is here to help make it an experience to treasure.

The relationship between exercise and pregnancy has been long misunderstood by trainers, therapists, and doctors alike. Maintaining and adjusting muscle function specific to the extreme physical demand over the length of pre- and post-birth is the lynchpin to a happy pregnancy. It allows for mom to design her pregnancy without consideration to typical physical constraints such as back and hip pain, sciatica, exhaustion, and foot pain. The neurological and muscular demand of an expecting and recovering mother are extraordinary, but with an Elite or Master Musculosystematic Engineer our pre- and post-natal clients have incredible success in speed of delivery and recovery. 

This is a beautiful and intimate moment in life for a woman. Let HH provide the utmost intimate and physical care.

Amy, Boston, MA

"For the first time in my life, my sporadic gym attendance and irregular work out routine went out the window and I was able to keep a regular training schedule for the first time in almost 5 years. So after I became pregnant, I felt even luckier that I was starting out in excellent shape and I trusted my coach to lead me through the challenge of staying active and in shape during my pregnancy. I have continued with stage appropriate workouts 2-3 times a week throughout my entire pregnancy and believe it has helped me stay very fit and healthy throughout the process- and my doctor agrees! I am days away and still working out, and I am looking forward to getting back to it after the baby arrives." 


Louisa, Milton, MA

"My delivery was flawless. It was fast and my nurses and doctor were so impressed that they asked if I had done anything different than what was the standard prep. I told them about HordoN HEALTH and the specific pre-natal plan that they designed to give me the proper communicative muscular system for birth and they were impressed. I have no doubt that HordoN HEALTH gave me the coaching and the muscles to make my birth incredibly efficient. I can't wait to have another!"

Katina, Newburyport, MA

"I had the most incredible pregnancy experience all thanks to HordoN HEALTH. I have severe scoliosis and suffered from back pain almost all my life. I was always told that if I decided to get pregnant, to be prepared for a difficult and painful pregnancy and that delivery would be difficult. After years of working with different trainers and physical therapists, I found HordoN HEALTH. It was a life changer. They didn't just help me out and take the pain away from my back that I had almost my whole life, they coached me and kept me pain free throughout my whole pregnancy! They really took the time to take care of me and specifically pick workouts for me to help me through to be able to have a pain free pregnancy and delivery with a high energy level. I have to say, thanks to the workouts and the coaching my delivery went smoothly and very quickly. Even the doctors were impressed and asked what I had done to prepare. I continued my workouts once i got the ok and they bounced me back into shape in not time. I feel blessed to have had the experience i was told i would never have thanks to my coaches."