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Nutrition rEVOLUTION

Nutrition rEVOLUTION


Certified Nutrition Management


It is often difficult in a culture over-running with information to sort out what is accurate and what is misleading. The 80 Billion Dollar-A-Year diet industry is no different.


The most accurate answers often lie at the highest level of the industry. In this case, the place where there is the most burden on nutrition is in professional athletics. Thus, the Sports Nutritionists we consult at Nutrition rEVOLUTION provide the most elite nutritional guidance and customization in the country. Our clients not only reach their goals but maintain their goals, unlike the over 80% of dieters in this country that gain back what they lose. 



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Meal Plan: Catered to your specific activity level

Our Nutrition Managers guide you through a re-education of healthy eating habits for your body and specifics needs. You will work with a Certified Nutrition Manager (not a traditional nutritionist) and design a tailored meal plan according to your body type, ailments, vulnerabilities, activity regimen, exercise, performance, any other special needs, and you individual goals.


Accountability: Responsible measures to overcome obstacles

At weekly accountability meetings with your Certified Nutrition Manager, you will be assigned a detailed meal program to follow. Each week you will review the changes you have made and what difficulties they presented. Using advanced techniques from our Nutrition Managers you will overcome all obstacles and find a healthy relationship with food.



Nutrition rEVOLUTION  first teaches you how to appropriately find a fitting body composition designed for your activity level and aesthetic needs, then supports you as you explore your new nutritional choices, and finally tailors the new nutritional paradigm to your own unique life so that you can maintain proper nutritional practice for the rest of your life.