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Matthew Fothergill, sDPT

Matthew Fothergill, PT/s

Master Musculosystematic Engineer

Department of Musculosystematic Rehabilitation

Hordon Health Lifestyle Coach

Football-Specialized Injury Prevention & Sport Performance Coach


(617) 367 - 0035

HordoN HEALTH North End

294 North Street

Boston, MA 02113


Matthew is a Master Certified Musculosystematic Engineer and student pursuing his doctorate in Physical Therapy. Throughout his life, he has actively sought out challenges in many forms and arenas, ranging from a middle school with elite academics in conjunction with a rigorous musical curriculum and performance schedule, to learning and playing varsity football at the most prestigious high school in the world, to committing over a decade to learning about the human body through apprenticeship and physical therapy schooling. Even before realizing that his life goals and dreams would lead him to a career in healthcare, Matthew was very involved in volunteer work with organizations that offered supportive healthy lifestyle services to American Military Veterans, underprivileged youths, and Special Needs populations, all with unique physical abilities.

Over the course of his career in health care, Matthew has worked with youth, college, and professional athletes of varying positions and sports, with a particular specialty in American Football performance and injury prevention and Defensive Backs skill development. Since becoming immersed in the Physical Therapy world while on school internships in Hawaii on the beautiful island of Oahu and in New York on the busy island of Manhattan, Matthew has developed many more interests. Most generally, he enjoys working in the Orthopedic and Neurological rehabilitation settings. He also has a deep passion for the continuum of care dynamic that brings a patient or client from injury prevention through injury rehabilitation and return to whichever level of activity they wish to pursue most safely and effectively. He strongly believes that a humans’ potential is determined by their own motivation and is made possible by a communicative and collaborative healthcare team.

It is with great excitement and passion that Matthew offers rehabilitation, population health (injury prevention and general wellness), and performance coaching services to community members of Boston’s North End at HordoN HEALTH’s satellite location, and beyond. Among his many interests in the field of human health and movement science, Matthew particularly enjoys working with members of the Ehlers-Danlos Type III (hypermobility type), chronic and traumatic sports-related injury, and subacute joint replacement populations.

“I don’t know you yet, but with my Musculosystematic Engineering education, I know that your body is incredibly unique and deserves the highest level of attention to detail that I can possibly provide. I’d love to learn about you and your health goals, and talk about a customized plan to help you achieve them. My door, email mailbox, and phone line are always open. Reach out any time and lets chat!  -Matt”


To schedule an appointment with Matthew Fothergill, call 617-367-0035 or email him directly at