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Lifestyle Consulting

Directly to the Metabolism:

The most direct route to higher energy and production, lower stress, and a friendly environment is through an elevated metabolism. From Nutrition to Activity, HordoN HEALTH provides custom programs that elevate and maintain metabolism in  your office or work environment.


Nutrition for Production:

There is no shortage of data supporting certain fruits and vegetables effecting parts of our brain controlling things like focus and energy. This information is very important and can be extremely helpful, but cannot be realized without a proper nutritional foundation, as the nutrients will not be properly broken down and utilized without it. Learn everything you will ever need to know about workplace nutrition with a HordoN HEALTH Corporate Consultant.


Intermittent Exercise for FUN:

Seen not as a punishment or mandatory, our activities are fun and quick. We have little activities, exercises, and stretches that are easily achievable in business attire ranging from 30seconds to 10min.


Your Private Corporate Coach:

HordoN HEALTH will send a coach that will privately train your staff in the middle of the day to increase energy for the afternoon, and give your company a boost of metabolism and incredible reduction of stress.


Creativity Ignition:

There are many qualities about exercise that open up the left side of the brain and induce creative thought. You can see some regular practices of this throughout the advertisement industry. Learn with HordoN HEALTH how to do simple exercises that a ignite creativity when you need a jolt.


An Attitude Adjustment:

Emotional Intelligence is monitored more carefully with an adequate amount of energy provided to your body. If it is overburdened with energy the body can become depressed and lethargic, malnourished and can lead to a lack of energy to control emotions. HordoN HEALTH supplies the tools and the controllable environment techniques that will have your office positive and energetic!


To schedule a Consultation with a Corporate Lifestyle Consultant please fill out the information below. The consultant will take you through an evaluation of your team or individual needs and create a program specifically designed to meet those needs.


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