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Leanne Smith

Leanne Smith

Junior Musculosystematic Engineer



Leanne came to HordoN HEALTH through her desire for knowledge about human movement, and with the goal of applying that knowledge to support other dancers, like herself.

Knowing her love for human movement, a close mentor and family friend advocated for Leanne to investigate Hordon Health and Musculosystematics™ (MsE™).  She communicated to Leanne the exhilaration of a HordoN HEALTH client who was treated through Hordon HEALTH after multiple failed attempts at rehabilitation and a lengthy search for relief from knee replacement and back pain. 

After learning more about Musculosystematic™ Engineering, Leanne’s curiosity and enthusiasm with this method continued to grow, with similarities to dance and mind-body connection fueling her desire to become an apprentice.

Having completed the apprenticeship in an unprecedentedly short time, Leanne has continued to grow in MsE™, and has seen unbelievable changes in how she moves and how she teaches her students to move.  Leanne plans on using MsE™ to strengthen and educate her dancers in a way that advances the dancer’s form and increases the safety of practice and beauty of performance.

Growing up as a dancer, mind and body connection have always been essential in Leanne’s life.  Starting at age two, and continuing throughout her childhood, she trained in dance five to six days a week focusing on various styles of the art.

With a deep passion, growing talent and knowledge in dance, Leanne decided on a lifelong pursuit of this art form and attended Roger Williams University (RWU) for her Bachelor of Arts in Dance and Performance Studies.  

While attending Roger Williams University as a dance major, she studied kinesiology and took technique classes, gaining a greater understanding of how and why dancer’s bodies can move the way they do. Upon graduating from RWU, Leanne moved to New York City to pursue a career in dance.  

For the next three years, she worked with many brilliant teachers and choreographers who continued to share their expertise and specialized experiences with the body through dance. While in NYC, Leanne broadened her education and training from solely dance to include fitness as a barre instructor.

 “I am excited about utilizing MsE™ in the area of dance.  I foresee using the method to improve the dancer's muscular mechanics, making the art safer for the performers in the Boston area.”

- Leanne Smith

Leanne is now back in Boston, continuing to be one of the best barre instructors in the city and teaching her dance students the intricacies of human movement through her understanding of MsE™. HordoN HEALTH is excited to watch her grow and change the landscape of Dance in Boston!

Phone Number: 978-319-2401