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Injury Re-Engineering

Musculosystematic Re - Engineering Therapy™

for Pain/Injury Treatment


Postural Alignment - Collective Movement Patterns - Physical Rehabilitation


Each person moves about the world slightly differently, utilizing hundreds of collective movement patterns every day. Because of the repetitious and inevitably unbalanced patterning, muscle groups can get overused which inevitably leads to injury and/or the need for therapeutic intervention.   

The process of Musculosystematic Re-Engineering™ at HordoN HEALTH teaches the muscles to work in collusion, maximizing healthy and productive movement patterns for the average patient and elite athlete alike. Re-Engineering practices not only return functional Range of Motion of the injured area but recover a much larger and more functional range of motion in order to prepare for the next step in Musculosystematic Physical Therapy™, Pre-Engineering.


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 Vertical HFD System

Linear HFD system






Vertical, Vertical Linear / Supine HFD :

Vertical HFDs focus muscular strength in posture, foot pressure placement, hip flexibility, ankle strength, ankle flexibility, trunk strength & coordination.


Linear/Lateral/Rotational HFD :

These systems re-engineer the body correctly in movement on both a linear, lateral, and rotational plane.


Vertical, Vertical Linear / Supine SFD

For shoulder Range of Motion, Strength, Stability and healthy movement patterns for specific needs.


ITT - Back & Ab Function:

For Full body systematic function and support. Every joint, muscle, tendon, ligament, etc. 

Do Not Try to Copy. It is not the actual exercise, but how the exercise is performed that implements musculosystematics™.