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Welcome, Lindsey!

Our Newest, Pre-Certified Junior Coach

For a limited time, we are offering 

Private Training with Lindsey at 

only $50per Hour-long Session.

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"I have been searching my entire career for the opportunity to work with an organization like HordoN HEALTH and the exceptional clientele they attract. I cannot wait to get started with my new team!!"

-Lindsey McArdle


Thomas Morris - Senior-Elite Musculosystematic™Engineer

Pre-Natal Specialist, Rehabilitative Therapy Specialist, All-Sport Specialist

Personal Training Boston"Let's take you to a place you once imagined as only impossible. That's what we do."

"Absolutely great coaches and people. When I first started working out at Hordon Health I was trying to get back into shape after years of sports injuries. Hordon Health not only helped me to recover from my chronic injury but also look and feel great." - Alyssa

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 Realize your most intimate inner relationship with body and mind through a collection of exclusive techniques gathered throughout the world by Physical and Spiritual Guru, Marc Hordon, Founder of Musculosystematics™ & Distinguished Life Coach. 

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Musculosystematic Training™

Specialized Services


sports performance Boston

HordoN HEALTH's MsE™ Sport Performance Program, The Boston Sports Institutes, offers ELITE high school, collegiate, and professional development programs that specializes in the specific needs of any particular sport.


Boston Institute of Football

Boston Baseball Institute

Boston Institute of Snow (Board & Ski)

Boston Institute of Jump (Basketball & Volleyball)