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Elite Athletes

Elite Athletes


Competitive young athletes who are looking to optimize their conditioning and performance in the specific sport they play. We have helped launch teen athletic careers into both college and post-graduate opportunities.  Hordon Health Sport Performance Training at the Boston Sports Institutes chaperones each client's matriculation to a successful future in both athletics and the professional world by teaching Commitment and Loyalty along with Conditioning.  Academic restrictions require our student clients to view the opportunity to work with a highly skilled Musculosystematic Performance Coach as a privilege offered to only those who embrace hard work and dedication.


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"I started as a small, weak, but fast and athletic 10th grader competing in less than mediocre circumstances. What I have become is a well-rounded, functional human being and athlete, although still small, yet now repeating my 11th grade year to compete for one of the most prestigious schools in the world, at one of the highest levels of competition in the Northeast. I am thankful for all that Hordon Health has done for me both physically and socially. I hope to continue to improve myself as a young man under the wing of a great man and coach, Marc Hordon."


- Elite Athlete, Phillips Andover Academy