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Aaron Jessee

Aaron Akira Jessee

Director of Player Development at the Boston Institute of Jump

Senior Musculosystematic Engineer™

Volleyball Specific Musculosystematic Performance Coach



HordoN HEALTH North End

294 North Street

Boston, MA 02113

Coach Jessee is the most well-traveled coach at HordoN HEALTH having lived in 6 different countries and 8 very different cities; something that is unprecedented in our field of work. In general, since the age of 5, Aaron has moved every two or three years all around the world including Japan, Germany, Virginia, Cameroon, Korea, and China. Aaron was taught his active lifestyle from both of his parents, but took after his father and became a soccer player at the age of four. Growing up, Aaron dabbled in all sports when he could, at one point playing volleyball, coaching volleyball, running cross country, playing soccer, and playing basketball in the same season. His mother encouraged him towards volleyball, seeing his potential as she was a former player. While excelling in other sports, Aaron started to excel in volleyball and was the only freshman to make the Varsity Volleyball team at Seoul American High School. Although he thoroughly enjoyed those opportunities, his greatest advances came when he moved to Beijing for his sophomore to senior years. Immediately making an impact on the Varsity Volleyball team and earning MVP (which was a recurring pattern for all three years), he also played Varsity Basketball and Soccer. He continued playing club and pickup volleyball biweekly with former national team, ex professional, and ex-collegiate players all year round.

Aaron really came into his own as an athlete while attending Endicott College while studying Sport Management. Although Aaron had to adjust not only his position from a setter (the player who sets up the offense for players to hit the ball) to a libero (the defensive player with the different jersey), but also to the faster American style. Having to change positions, grow accustomed to a new system, and the fact that he was not earning as much playing time as expected drove Aaron to extra practice and the weight room in an effort to earn more playing time. He was lifting more weight than ever before and reached his own heaviest weight at 165 pounds. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, this led to some important learning experiences for him and his body. Suffering from several nagging injuries that impacted his playing time, he had to make several changes like losing weight, lifting less, stretching more, and spending copious amounts of time in the athletic training room, but it was still not enough. He was basically reduced to playing on one leg due to a bum right knee during his junior campaign; surgery or some type of medical intervention seemed the only way to ease the pain, leading to glucosamine injections and several months of rest, to no avail. He was covering the pain, but not targeting the source.

Luckily, as Aaron was frantically searching for an internship in Boston for his senior year after one had ungraciously dropped him at the last minute, he stumbled upon Hordon Health and their bevy of performance and re-education techniques. While learning from afar, the slight changes in training styles and help from the fantastic coaches helped Aaron improve his play on the court and the way his body was feeling. As he finished his internship and passed through his senior year volleyball season, he earned NECC Defensive Player of the Year, NECC First Team All-Conference, a finalist spot as Endicott’s Male Athlete of the Year, and lead his team to its second NCAA Tournament experience, its first ever NCAA Tournament win and an appearance in the Elite 8. Most importantly, he did it all while staying injury free. He decided that he needed to know more; about his body, about everyone’s’ body, and how it moves. Immediately after graduation, he entered into the apprenticeship program at Hordon Health.

It is Coach Jessee’s goal to grow the Boston Institute of Jump to a nationally recognized and respected organization with athletes from all over the country training and following BIJ and Hordon Health techniques. Following his international roots, he also aims to gain traction in the international school community as they start to increase their athletic exploits to match the rest of the world while keeping their kids injury-free and performing to the best of their abilities.